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Getting on a team

Getting On a Team

Written by PSUGhost

   So you've found a good team you'd like to join. Now how to get there?

Finding a team: Best place to look is your home field. Sometimes the teams won't be there or might be reffing, ask the refs or the owners what the local sponsored teams are at that field. They will gladly hook you up.

Follow Gear: As bad as it sounds a good way to tell how involved a team is is by looking at their gear. A team in camos with Tippmans is prolly a team that does it for fun, which is perfectly okay if that is what your looking for, but won't be if your looking for a fast ride up in the world. Then again some teams have custom jerseys and $2,000+ guns, which is kinda out of the league of your Spyder Flash. So find a team that is about the same level as you, one that wants to go the same places as you and you can grow with.

Meet the team: Talk it up, remember these guys have all prolly known each other a long time, so you gotta get to know them and befriend them. Find out if they could use you for the day or so if it's at a walk on event.

Don't rush them: These guys have a system going, so jumping in and saying "My name is Ted, can I join your team?" is not the way to do it. Play with them a few times, find out when they practice and offer to come watch, help out, or practice against them. Remember they want to be impressed by your skills first, then they'll be more willing to talk.

Play it up: Be a mad baller, show them your skills and be sure to be cool about it. No one likes to hear "I just shot out that angel guy with my Spyder"....they would much rather hear "Wow man, your good, you almost had me, glad I got you first".

Be a sit in: Sometimes teams will take potential new players to small events as may not be a glorious job, but do it anyway. It shows your dedicated to the game and who knows, they may ask you to play a game.

In short finding a team is like finding friends, cause your teammates should be your friends. So don't rush, you got time, work on your skills and talk to the people in charge...before you know it you'll be standing at the starting box, with 9 other players at your side screaming your head off getting ready to tool fools.

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