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-New Angel Speed 06 - WDP just released their press release on their new marker the Angel Speed 06. This new marker looks like great new marker with some nice new features and claiming 30 bps. With a a price tag of $899 this marker will definantly be a competitor in the high end paintball market.
-Extreme Rage Inflatafield - Extreme Rage has recently produced a bunker system that is cheap an ideal for practicing and rec-ball. A whole kit with a repair kit only costs about 300 bucks. If you are looking for some bunkers for your team or just your buddies to mess around with then you might want to check them out.
-WGP Black Magic 2005 - WGP has just released their newest marker the WGP Black Magic 2005. WGP has completely done away with the back block in this marker and the cocking rod connects directly to the bolt. This should help lower the cycling mass quite a bit which should reduce the marker's kick.
-How Paintballs are Made - Have you ever wondered how paintballs are made? Well this article gives you the low down on this amazing process of how paintballs are made. The article also has a video in it which shows you around the Diablo paintball plant.
-Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball MAX'D - On May 17 2005 Activision WXP and Greg Hastings announced that Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball MAX'D will be available for current consoles and handheld platforms this fall. Game developer WXP will provide a sneak preview of some new gameplay features including the Breakout feature set at the 2005 E3 Expo.
-Kingman Spyder Electra - Kingman unveils their new marker which should hit stores in mid-May. The Spyder Electra has a new grip frame that features a middle pivoted trigger frame to obtain higher BPS rates. We have heard that thing can rip.It also has Delrin ACS Bolt to minimize ball breakage...
-Angel G7 Revelation - WDP releases their new marker the G7. The G7 has retained the Angels' classically beautiful form albeit in a tighter more athletic package but that is where most of the similarities end...
-NPS's EVolt - National Paintball Supply unveiled the first in its new line of paintball markers the EVolt which utilizes patented Power Pulse technology on January 28 2005 in Las Vegas at the SHOT Show. This is the first marker to fully operate on electricity only and no compressed air or co2...
-ICD 2005 Freestyle Pro - Indian Creek Designs have recently just released their new 2005 marker the Freestyle Pro. The Freestyle PRO has advanced features over the 05 Freestyle. Indian Creek Design Inc. is proud to announce the release of the FreeStyle Pro paintball marker...
-CenterFlag's 4CE Regulator - Centerflag Products has been around since 1999 quietly building high end air systems for the most demanding players and their markers. In 2004 owner Dennis Ashley quietly began designing a higher end version of the 400 series regulator. The result was called the 4CE.
-Tom Kaye Retires from Paintball - Tom Kaye the former president of one of the oldest and and respected names in paintball Air Gun Designs officially announced his retirement from the sport of paintball and his ownership of AGD...
-Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball - Activision Value Publishing a division of Activision Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced today that it has teamed with game developer WXP and paintball legend Greg Hastings to create the first-ever paintball game for a major video game console - Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

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