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WDP Angel G7 Paintball Marker March 26, 2005

WDP Angel G7

Angel The Angel G7 is the result of 9 years of Angel advancement and technical refinement. After being premiered at the San Diego NPPL event in November 2004, the G7 is due to be fully revealed at the Huntington Beach Super 7 World Series Event #1 on 17th March at the WDP booth.

The G7 has retained the Angels' classically beautiful form, albeit in a tighter, more athletic package, but that is where most of the similarities end.

wdp g7 revelation markerThe G7's internals have been completely redesigned, the basic component layout remains the same as previous low pressure Angels, but the components themselves are radically and conceptually different from Angels that have gone before.

The Angel G7 is even smaller and lighter than the A4 fly, which it replaces as WDP's flagship marker.

The familiar pull-knob used to open the breach mechanism has been replaced with a sculpted lever-lok on the G7's back plate, giving a smoother, more symmetrical line which, coupled with the G7s ultra-smooth lines, allows for faster cleaning and wipe downs between games. The new lever-lok also allows the bolt to be positioned further forward into the breech than was previously possible.

The G7's redesigned ram and bolt incorporate larger porting than previous Angels. The hammer's weight and size has been reduced by over 30%, significantly reducing the kick caused by the hammer's movement on each shot, and producing the most stable firing platform possible. A single locating pin holds the re-designed ram unit in the optimum position, negating ram adjustment and ensuring that the ram is perfectly positioned to maximise performance at all times.

wdp g7 revelation markerThe G7's exhaust valve guide and stem have also had a radical overhaul. The valve guide porting has been enlarged by 50% and re-designed to direct gas as efficiently and smoothly as possible through the valve and bolt on to the ball with minimum flow distortion.

The valve stem has seen a complete redesign,with a NEW valve stem, NEW spring and NEW spring guide being made as one modular system, offering even better shot to shot consistency. The valve, spring, and guide have also been miniaturised to facilitate a larger gas chamber. This, combined with a larger volume chamber in the mini reg, lowers the operating pressure of the marker to 225psi with no volumizer present, making the G7 the lowest pressure Angel ever, A small volumizer can still be used to lower the pressure even further if required.

The G7's grip frame and trigger mechanism is identical to the awesome Angel Speed. The trigger is held by two roller bearings so it runs friction free. The trigger incorporates a dual polarity magnet system that uses 4 magnets. Two located in the trigger itself and a further two located in the G7's vernier adjustment wheels. The magnets work in pairs. The front pair work as an attracting pair, the rear pair as an opposing set. This creates an ultra-smooth, crisp trigger action that has been so popular in the Angel Speed, and provides the perfect interface to deliver the G7's awesome rate of fire of 31 balls per second at a consistent velocity.

The G7's moulded grip panels have built in windows revealing the marker's advanced LCD user- interface and the reprogramming sensor. The redesigned panels allow for a slimmer narrower feeling grip. This redesign, coupled with additional tactile panels on the front and rear of the frame, gives four contact points between the hand and the grip frame. You have never been more in control.

wdp g7 revelation markerThe Angel G7's 3 function buttons are situated under a soft rubber membrane.

The 4.8 volt rechargeable metal hydride battery is still used, only this time it is a slim line version that is 1oz (28 grams) lighter than the previous battery, further reducing the guns overall weight.

The LPR in the Angel G7 has also been completely re-designed. The porting has been opened up by 50% and the springs and piston have been remodelled, to increase the gas flow and re-charge rate,. As a result, there has been a massive increase in stability and recovery rate, giving the user unsurpassed shot to shot consistency. Guaranteeing zero drop in range or accuracy even while achieving the G7's incredible 31bps rate of fire.

The mini reg incorporates a front tactile rubber grip for extra control and stability, whilst inside the porting has been increased 100% to allow for even greater gas supply and increased flow to cope with lower pressure and increased fire power.

The G7's bolt is still based on the proven soft face bolt, but is now longer, and designed to work in tandem with the new high-flow valving, to ensure smooth turbulence-free travel for the gas blast as it is released to fire the paintball. This increases gas efficiency and shot to shot consistency.

The Angels advanced electronics have always been the industry benchmark. The G7's board incorporates all the technical features loved by Angel users the world over. The Angel G7 now incorporates the 'switch ON and GO' feature as proven in the Angel Speed. Vibrating alarms and game timers that can be set in 30 second increments, shot counters, temperature read out, Infrared communication, trigger de-bounce settings, and the usual array of modes that one would expect from the Worlds most advanced Paintball Marker.

wdp g7 revelation markerDue to the diversification of tournament rules, extra modes have been added to the G7's arsenal, including the introduction of 15 bps capped modes. These new modes allow G7 users to out-shoot their opponents no matter what tournament restrictions are in place.

The loader speed settings have also been increased. The standard, medium, fast and S-fast settings seen on the fly are replaced with settings that run from 1 to 16 with the familiar S-fast setting actually equating to a number 8 setting. This further increases the users opportunity of achieving the Angel's incredible maximum rate of fire when used in conjunction with a fully functional, high performance loader.


  • Black Gloss Polish
  • Graphite Gloss Polish
  • Red Gloss Polish
  • Deep Blue Gloss Polish
  • Black Dust
  • Graphite Dust


  • NEW smaller, lighter rechargeable battery unit
  • NEW Breech release system
  • NEW redesigned Zero Kick Ram Unit
  • NEW modular Exhaust system
  • NEW smaller 14 way valve
  • NEW Larger Volume chambers and sculpted gas porting for even lower pressure
  • NEW longer, remodelled Soft Face Bolt
  • NEW modes of fire
  • NEW Gripper Panels
  • 45 frame or 90 frame Grip Options
  • Hi-Gloss "Liquid finish"

wdp g7 revelation marker

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